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The purpose for which the Lonoke County Coalition for Progress is formed is to develop leaders for the Lonoke County area. The Objectives are to promote and encourage leadership skills by conducting formal training programs for various target groups of potential future leaders and current leaders, both elected and volunteer; to build a network of informed leaders and individuals who will recognize the needs of all citizens of the area and work together to establish and accomplish goals to meet those needs; to disseminate knowledge, promote interest, encourage study and research in the leadership field and to act in an advisory capacity to any interested groups of persons or organizations.

Benefits to Participants

• Identifies participant as an emerging community leader

• Broadens scope and diversity of professional contact network

• Enhances knowledge of the county's civic issues and players

Benefits to Community

• Creates and nurtures a broad network of informed leaders

• Weaves new leaders into the county's civic fabric

• Links corporate and county resources with community needs

• Helps diverse leaders find common ground to work together on behalf of the county

Benefits to Sponsor Organizations

• Broadens network of professional contacts in the county

• Introduces key executives to community issues and leaders

• Provides valued employees with leadership/trustee training

• Affords fast-track employees additional recognition

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